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Clean, Keg Shod/Barefooted Sound Moving Tennessee Walking Horses

The Jackson family is The Tennessee Walking Horse industry's longest and most active proponent in the fight against the illegal activity of "Soring" The Tennessee Walking Horse for the sole purpose of exhibition.

This site is FULL of videos, pictures, and stories related to their decades long fight against a corrupt system hellbent to continue to perpetrate inhumane treatment of this noble and most gentle breed of horses to this day.

This site will hold you spellbound and amazed at the documented atrocities

BUT this site is not all about horrors; See how The Jackson Family to this day promotes healthy humane alternatives

See how one little 15-year-old African-American girl challenged this Southern Good Ol' Boy System amidst death threats, racial hatred and heavy handed back room corruption to change the traditions and perceptions of how this breeds' horse would be treated from that day on

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Cookeville, Tennessee

Training Videos
Our 2011 Trip to Israel
The recent discovery of my Prostate Cancer (see www.blueribbonplatoon.com) The glaring fact of one's mortality looms to the front of one's thinking.

Putting one's life in order has bought me to a place to leave a record of my life for my kids of who their Daddy was, rather ~~~ is; So I started cataloging things they have never knew about me, then found myself gathering the life of all of us...so this is    "The Jackson's Page,"   I will be adding more as I find them as I go along I hope you enjoy

Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity~~~~ Horace Mann
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My Journey With Prostate Cancer
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"I got my tapes from Jennie Jackson today..WOW! It is beyond me why anyone would have a problem with their horses gait with her tapes available. It is impossible to fail using her instructions. Very easy to comprehend and apply for anyone."